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We take our boogers seriously! Safely & effectively remove stubborn sticky mucus and dry boogers from little noses with the oogiebear® booger tool (great for little ears too!).

The patented bear head design ensures that the ends will not go too far into their nose and the soft rubber scoop and loop are specially created to be gentle enough for your baby!


  • Loop end for sticky mucus
  • Scoop end for dried mucus
  • Soft rubber coating is slip free and gentle against skin
  • Bear head is patented and prevents tool from being inserted too far into baby’s nose
  • Easy to clean
  • Latex-free, BPA-free, PVC-free
  • Effective for cleaning little ears too
  • Reusable and eco-friendly


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50 reviews for oogiebear®

  1. Tiffany

    LOVE this product! We use it all the time and my LO doesn’t fuss too much (anymore than I would if someone was picking in my nose). I just wish I had known about it sooner. Will definitely be one of my staples for baby shower gifts to help other mommas to be!

  2. Mrsmitsueda

    We got this at the perfect time, colds and teething and so many booger’s! My toddler uses it himself to get the hard to reach boogies, and my girl happily let’s me use it on her little nose! So thankful for this little device! Deff giving it as a gift at our next baby shower!!

  3. Officialjenc

    Finally a nose cleaning tool that looks friendly to a baby!!

  4. Dreily Rivera

    I got this about a week ago and my god it’s a amazing!!!! Highly highly recommend it if you have a little. it had worked great for me with my 13 month.. wish I would’ve found them when he was a baby!

  5. Cristy78

    I have one on every floor of my house, and one in the diaper bag. This is a must-have for every parent with little booger monsters. Its works really well, and I love that it is reusable.

  6. Shelly

    I just recently used oogie bear and the product was a success . My daughters booger problem was fine after using the product.

  7. Jara

    This truly works great! I was using a few other tools for grabbing boogies but none were truly made for the job. Qtips were too big for my preemies nose, even with removing some cotton. And ear was remover sticks had the potential to go up to far when the baby would move his head in avoidance. The oogie solved both those issues. Small enough to get into the tiny space and the bears head would prevent any potential issues from going up the nasal cavity too far. Most importantly, customer service is excellent. The reps truly convey that they care and are concerned. I have and will continue to say wonderful things about the product and company.

  8. Mercy

    I got this when my son was a couple months old and it is amazing!!!!! I’m so happy I came across it

  9. RachLi

    This is a simple, genius and practical tool. I use it to clean my baby’s nose and ears almost every day. It works really well, and I love the fact the bear-head prevents it from going in too far into my sons nose or ears, which can be very dangerous. This is a definite must have for all parents with young children!!

  10. Amzt

    My kiddo HATES his nose to be cleaned. This product makes it quick to clean a squirming baby’s nose and less worry about gunk obstructing breathing through his nose!!

  11. AnaMarie

    Got this for my son and it is amazing. No problems and clean up is easy.

  12. Ourbabye

    This is a mom- must have for your side table or diaper bag!

  13. Christine_Liv

    This product is so easy to use! Finally we have something that my baby is ok with!! Super quick and efficient!

  14. CasATL (verified owner)

    This is perfect for getting (dried) boogers and works much better than be NoseFrida, which I think is more for sinus infections and really runny noses. The OogieBear works great for getting those crusty boogers and ear wax build up. Would highly recommend!

  15. TheoKoleeb (verified owner)

    I bought this product and easy to used, easy to clean. Great!

  16. Batter

    The oogiebear is just what I need in my hunt for boogers.

    I was always rolling up tissue paper to try and clear baby’s nose. When I saw the oogiebear I knew I had to try it! The scoop design works great to snatch boogers without pushing them further up.

    A must-have in the quest for clearing your baby’s sinuses!

  17. Kariy89

    I bought the oogie bear and I absolutely love it, my son laughs instead of crying when i use it! I recommend this product to every mom

  18. farmwife97

    This is a fantastic tool to add to mommy’s (and daddy’s) bag of tricks! My baby has reflux that causes spit up to come out of her nostrils, so it seems her little nose needs constant attention. The suction bulb not super helpful for our situation. I tried cotton swabs, but she is so wiggly I was always afraid I’d end up hurting her or just compounding the problem. The oogiebear is a much safer option and gets the job done quickly. The only improvement I might make is to add some sort of little pouch or case to make it easier to carry in the diaper bag, but otherwise it’s great! I’ll definitely be recommending this to my mommy friends.

  19. Mgg476

    Lo compramos sin mucha esperanza de su utilidad, pero lo usamos siempre que la peque tiene mocos y funciona!

  20. Holli

    I wasn’t sure at first if I would know how to use it, or if I would hurt or aggravate my 17 month old. It worked like a charm. First try. Such a beautiful thing. I don’t know how I made it 17 months without this!

  21. Penhen

    I love this product. It’s great for getting boogers out of noses and a lot easier to clean that other similar products.

  22. Henpen

    I love the oggie Bear. It works great for clearing noses and cleaning ears. It’s easy to clean unlike most snot suckers so I don’t have to worry about that. Great product.

  23. anel17

    Bought it a couple weeks ago and really liked it recommended it to some friends and they liked it also

  24. Hassan

    The best broduct we ever got for our children.

    Every new mom should have it .

    Number 1

  25. Maniella

    I bought this for my Owen baby and couple for my nieces. Every mom should have one it’s a great thing.

  26. Loughmann

    My two year old recently decided to put a piece of cooked noodle up his nose. I don’t know what we would’ve done without the Oogie Bear.

  27. Doodles

    Safe and effective way to clean babies nose or ears. Would recommend to any new parent as this makes the unpleasant job sip much easier!

  28. Meesharino

    I got this because there is only so much snot you can suction out – our little one would always have goopy boogers still stuck in her nostrils! This scoops them out easily and with no fuss(aka our daughter doesn’t hate it). It’s a bonus that I can also use it to clean her ears. Would definitely recommend!!

  29. jennroy

    Love the oogiebear! Such a great idea. Easy to use and much safer than things like q tips!

  30. Nurse kork

    I’ve had this item for a while now and I love it for those difficult crusty boogers! It makes my daughter giggle when I use it on her too.

  31. jsmac915

    I had the hardest time getting those hard boogies out of my girls nose when she was little. I found this and was so excited and knew I needed it for kiddo 2. I’ve used it on my month old and it is great. Easy and quick with no fuss from the little man. Definitely a helpful little tool to have with a newborn.

  32. Rose

    Good product I’d would recommend to friends and family who have kids

  33. MiniVanMommy

    It is as simple as that- so easy to use! My baby had a cold and had a lot of mucus. One side was like a tiny spoon that scooped everything out of the nostril and the other side was a little bit “sharper”, and was able to get out all my baby’s ear wax. This tool is a must have in every new mom’s tool kit. You can’t go wrong!

  34. Charles614

    Oogiebeat gets everything the nasal aspirator can and more. what a awesome product.

  35. McGough16

    I just bought this and I love it! My baby has such bad boogers and such little nose holes, sometimes its so bad I just want to take a bobby pin too it but Im way too scared because of how much my baby moves! But with the oogiebear the ears on the bear make sure it wont hurt him! I love it so much!

  36. Teresac

    I’ve used this with my friend’s daughter… Love it!

  37. Adia H

    Recently bought this product for a friend four her baby. She loved it, and now strictly uses oogiebear products!

  38. Jennybradley

    This entire brand appears to want the best for babies and this is a great product .

  39. Lizzy

    I love it know my baby don’t have to cry when I take out her little buggers

  40. nss12

    Does exactly what it says it does, great purchase!!

  41. sparker

    We don’t go anywhere without ours. The OogieBear is perfect for getting those stubborn boogies out of baby’s nose! It seems like such a simple tool but it works so well!

  42. Cat D

    I saw this in a magazine and bought this when my baby was four months old. This is such a handy instrument to clean out my baby’s nose and ears! I love that it’s lightweight, slender, easy to clean and easy to use! The oogiebear helps my baby stay clean and comfortable

  43. Stampgirl

    Great product! So happy to have this now that I have grand babies! Only wish it would have been around when my 7 were babies! Great go to shower gift! Don’t forget to get one for Grandma too!

  44. Sarah

    Total baby essential! This little device really came in handy when my bub had the sniffles.

  45. Vanessa0330

    I was skeptical to try this new product but I figured why not I could either find this useful or useless and be able to advise others. Well I am so glad I tried this product it is a life saver! My son is always giving me a hard time when it comes to cleaning his nose? But he has a mother that won’t quit, the oogiebear makes it so easy to clean out my little guys nose getting the jon done quick! So glad I found this product and you will be too.

  46. Kristy T

    This is perfect for even newborn babies. I use my oogie bear to pick out loose boogies from my two week old’s nose. He’s so tiny but the oogie bear is a perfect fit! Thanks for such a helpful product!

  47. LizTicona

    Bought this for my baby boy & it’s definitely products like this that make our mommy lives so much easier !! This is great because it’s small enough to fit in order to get those boogies out so that our LOs can breathe . Love it !! Wish I had learned about it sooner !!!

  48. LmarieW

    This works so well and is very easy to use! I absolutely love it and so does my fiance.

  49. Marmar

    What a wonderful tool to help assist in getting those boogies!! I’m so glad it exists these days. Easy to use and cool design.

  50. Sixtine79

    I love this little tool. It’s hard enough cleaning a tiny nose – and impossible without a special tool. With this, I’m never afraid to hurt my baby, and I can be very quick!

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