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The New oogie nosebalm

Multifaceted in use and user, our most versatile product to date is the new oogie nosebalm.

We created quite the stellar cold-pressed, hypoallergenic formula for sensitive baby skin and packed it into a simple, no-hassle, skin care product for parents on-the-go.

We had baby in mind when creating the balm but what we didn’t anticipate was how many rock star moms would be loving it for themselves!

Formulated for Sensitive Baby Skin

Does your baby have sensitive skin? Trick question, all newborns and infants have very delicate and sensitive skin.

A baby’s skin easily becomes irritated with eczema, other skin allergies, and chafing so for little ones under the age of two years old we highly recommend not using products with any harsh chemicals, synthetic perfumes, dyes, parabens, lanolin, mineral oil, and petrolatum.

We were selective with our ingredients by sourcing from small USDA certified farms. Instead of using harsh chemicals and synthetic perfumes, we used organic ingredients and mild, natural oils to promote moisture, relief, and relaxation. 


You can count our ingredients on ten little fingers; we stand by them, ensuring that we have formulated something safe and effective for your baby.

  • Comfrey root powder -promotes skin cell growth and relieves pain and inflammation
  • Arrowroot powder -helps skin feel silky smooth throughout the day
  • Lavender oil -supports relaxation
  • Olive oil, Shea butter, and colloidal oatmeal -ensures a locked-in, luxurious moisture


Quick and Easy Use on Baby

Putting any kind of moisturizer on your little one can be daunting! Was the jelly for the belly and the cream for the cheeks, or was the cream for the diaper rash and the jelly for the forehead?  

We guarantee that when you finally do figure out what ointment gets glooped on for the diaper rash and what cream gets smeared on for the cradle cap, your baby will be over it -and so will you.

Have no fear! We’ve got you covered with one simple solution.

The oogie nosebalm is a large stick with an easy twist-off cap and matching twist bottom (modeled after the likeness of your average cherry chapstick).

After the balm is twisted to the top, simply apply it to the needed area by using a swiping motion (which is also known as the most efficient way to apply anything on a baby, ever).

Apply on baby:
– as a daily moisturizer
– onto areas affected by chafing
– to dry areas on the body
– on areas affected by skin allergies


Mom Hacks for the oogie nosebalm

For Mother’s Day coming up, we’ve extended a guide to the moms out there who love a good product hack. After compiling this list, it made us think – did we secretly make a product for moms? Maybe! We definitely love the idea of a product for baby and mom!

Here are some ways that you can hack the new oogie nosebalm to use not just on baby -but for you as well!

Apply to:
 – soften cuticles and nail beds
– give nails an added shine
– moisturize dry areas of the body
– soothe irritated areas on the skin
– relieve nausea (Seriously! Apply it under the nose)
– use it as a relaxation sleep aid (Don’t have a diffuser? Apply under the nose before bed)


Try these out and tag us in your photos on Instagram and Facebook using the hashtags #howioogie #oogienosebalm

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