10 Times You Should Definitely Call the Pediatrician

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Even though it’s usually nothing, new parents tend to call their pediatrician a lot. Is her toe the right color? Should his skin feel like this? Did her eye always look like that? It’s tough being a new parent! After the fourth or fifth phone call, parents worry they’re bothering the doctor and being too paranoid.

There are some instances, however, when the pediatrician wants you to call. Look out for these signs.

1. A fever that doesn’t break – If your child has had a fever that doesn’t come down an hour after you have administered a pain reliever, call the doctor. Also call if the fever does respond to medication, but lingers at a lower temperature and comes back later.

2. Abdominal pain on the right side – Often this type of pain is attributed to gas, but if it’s specifically on the right side, it may be a swollen appendix. A burst appendix is life-threatening, so call right away.

3. A discerning skin rash – Rashes happen all the time, especially to babies and young kids. But if you see one that really makes you worry, call the doctor.

4. Difficulty swallowing – Inability to swallow could mean something is lodged in the throat or your child is experiencing an allergic reaction. If he/she can breathe, call right away. If he/she can’t, get to an emergency room immediately.

5. After a fall that causes swelling and pain that lingers for days – Kids fall all the time and hurt themselves, but it’s usually nothing to worry about. However, if your child appears to favor one side over the other the next day, there might be more damage underneath than you expect.

6. Loss of appetite, mild fever, and decreased urination – These symptoms often go hand-in-hand. They could mean several different things, but they could definitely lead to malnutrition.

7. Constant coughing – If the coughing just won’t stop so your child can’t eat or sleep, call the doctor. It could be asthma or even something worse.

8. Red dot rash plus a fever – This combination might be meningitis, a very serious infection that could be life-threatening.

9. A serious head bump – Bangs happen, but if a head bump dazes your child for a moment or knocks him/her unconscious, you need to call the doctor. If the bump is followed by vomiting, sleepiness, disorientation

10. Baby poop that doesn’t look right – Newborn, infant and toddler poop all have different consistencies.  If your child’s poop looks different from usual or inconsistent with what is appropriate for their age and diet, call the doctor.

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