What To Do When Baby Has an Ear Infection

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Anytime there’s an issue with a child, parents will inevitably begin worrying and looking for a solution. The same holds true when a child gets an ear infection. Ear infections can be a very annoying and confusing pain for children, especially if they’ve never experienced it before. For this reason, you’ll want to provide relief as soon as possible. Here’s what should be done when baby has an ear infection:


Using elevation when it comes to an ear infection can relieve some of the pain due to pressure. For this, try to keep your child’s head elevated at all times. If the child no longer sleeps in a crib, it’s fine to use a pillow when he/she lies down. For babies who still sleep in a crib, never use a pillow due to the risk of SIDS. Instead, try to hold your baby in your arms and allow them to sleep like this while the pain is still evident.


Heat is another component that could provide relief to your child’s ear infection. The best method to deliver warmth to their ear is by running a towel under hot water, or simply using a heating pad. If you decide to use a heating pad however, keep it at the lowest setting or try to wrap it in an additional towel to make sure it’s not too hot. For infants, the moist towel is a safer way to go.

Oil Dropper

If there is no discharge from baby’s ear, you can also try to alleviate some pain with the use of sesame or olive oil. Use a dropper to put two or three drops of room temperature oil into their ear canal. Afterwards, you can tuck a small cotton ball into the external ear to avoid the mess.


Drinking plenty of fluids is another way to help an ear infection. The fluids will flush out your baby’s system and keep them hydrated throughout the painful process. Also, swallowing actually opens the Eustachian tubes and drains fluid from the middle ear, so the act of drinking and swallowing can help to reduce discomfort.

Contact a Doctor

If the ear infection becomes unbearable for your child, or simply won’t go away, it’s probably time to contact your pediatrician. Your doctor may prescribe an antibiotic, or simply recommend an over-the-counter medicine and use the wait-and-see method. For an antibiotic, be sure to give the entire dosage over the prescribed length of time, even if the symptoms disappear!

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