8 Tips to Keeping Organized with a Toddler

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Life with a toddler can be hectic. Your little one is interested in a lot more things and requires more and more stimulation every day. He or she no longer sleeps sixteen hours a day and isn’t content sitting in one spot.

Combine that sort of activity with everything else that goes into managing a family and it’s pretty easy to become disorganized. Here are some tips for staying organized when you have a toddler around.

1. Commit to change

Organized families don’t use quick fixes. They resolve to make a lifestyle change to get their lives organized and they stick with the new plan. Organization is the means, not the end. The goal is a stress-free, fulfilling life where everything gets done.

2. Purge the unnecessary

If you’re like many families, you have more stuff that you know what to do with. I bet fifty percent of the toys in your child’s room or playroom are never used. Too many things in our life can cause stress and anxiety that we don’t notice.

You can eliminate a lot of stress in your life by de-cluttering your home. Evaluate everything; if you don’t need it, sell, donate, or throw it away. Whenever you bring something into your home, ask yourself if you really need it.

3. Make cleanup fun

You can create a habit of cleaning up after themselves by making clean up time part of the fun. Sing a “cleanup song” as you dance around. Put all the toys “to bed” at night before bedtime. If your child is having a cranky day, don’t ask them to clean with you so they don’t associate cleaning with their bad mood.

4. Use a family planner

You may have your own planner and your spouse may have his or her own, but that isn’t sufficient anymore. Between work schedules, social activities, doctor’s appointments, shopping, cooking, and everything else, there’s just too much to keep in your head. You need something that coordinates everyone’s schedule (including your baby’s) so you can plan appropriately.

5. Create organized habits

Instill routines in everyone’s day-to-day activities that facilitate organization. For example, leaving one’s shoes by the door is a simple way to keep them together and accessible when it’s time to leave. It sounds simple, but it reduces a lot of potential headaches.

With a toddler, you’ll want to keep a small stock of diapers, wipes, and extra clothes in your trunk so you never get caught without.

6. Take advantage of every moment

You’ll want to take a few minutes at the beginning and end of every day while the baby is asleep to get your affairs in order. Use this time to complete some tasks that require your full attention, like making phone calls or paying bills.

7. Accept some mess

Your life and home are never going to be perfect. Sometimes the best way to reduce stress is to expect less of yourself. If your toddler is playing with a messy craft, don’t follow him or her around with paper towels; accept the mess and clean up later.

8. Label everything

Labels are a mom’s best friend. You could have three perfectly organized drawers, but other people won’t respect your system if they don’t understand it. Use simple text labels for adults and picture labels for kids so everything returns to where it belongs.

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