Where Does All the Mucus Come From?

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Mucus is something that we all have, and most of the time, something we all wish we had less of. Although we all find it to be gross and annoying, especially when we get sick and see an increase in mucus, this weird substance actually serves a very important purpose for our bodies. Read on to find out where it comes from, are you healthy, and how to prevent too much of it.

The Mission of Mucus

We all have mucus-producing tissue that lines our mouth, nose, sinuses, throat, lungs, and gastrointestinal tract. Mucus acts as a protective cover for these surfaces in order to keep the underlying tissue from drying out. According to Neil L. Kao, MD, “You have to keep them moist, otherwise they’ll get dry and crack, and you’ll have a chink in the armor.”

Other Uses

In addition to coating vital surfaces of your body, mucus also serves as a gooey filter for your body. Particularly in the sensitive airways like your nose and throat, mucus traps unwanted substances like bacteria and dust before they can get into the body. Also, mucus actually contains both antibodies that help the body identify bacteria and viruses and enzymes that kill the invaders once trapped!


Even when your body is completely healthy, it produces about 1 to 1.5 liters of mucus every single day. Most of it you won’t even realize because it’s internally created and digested. However, things like getting sick, allergies, or just very spicy food can shock your body into producing a lot more mucus. This is caused by your body’s automatic response to what it believes to be a superfluous amount of invaders trying to plague your system. While is may be annoying, it’s just trying to help!

Getting Rid of Mucus

Those who suffer from chronic sinus problems are usually the ones looking to get rid of the mucus most. One of the simple ways to do so is purchasing over-the-counter antihistamines and decongestants. Decongestants cause the blood vessels in the lining of the nose to narrow, reducing blood flow to the area, which in turn prevents extra mucus from building up.

Removing Baby Mucus

One of the less exciting parts of parenting is removing excess mucus from your baby’s nose. As mucus builds up in the sinus cavity, it drops into the nose and throat, presenting as a constantly sniffle or a wet cough. Unfortunately, babies don’t quite understand how to relieve themselves of this annoyance, so we have to offer some relief. Using a tool like oogiebear, you’ll need to extract the mucus carefully.

booger removal toolWritten by Dr. Nina Farzin, Inventor of oogiebear

Nina is a wife, mother and career professional who never intended to start her own business. When her children were newborns, she ached to ease the discomfort from dry, stubborn, crusty mucus (boogers)! As a doctor, she knew there were no safe solutions on the market to help her kids, so she invented oogiebear, a revolutionary booger removal tool that helps babies breathe easier.

Nina graduated Howard University where she earned her doctorate in Pharmacy (R.Ph, Pharm.D). She is a Registered Pharmacist in Washington DC, Maryland and New York. Nina and her family are fitness enthusiasts who enjoy outdoor activities and healthy eating.

For more information, please visit myoogie.com.

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